Studio Lighting cover

Studio Lighting

Instructor: Dhananjay Moray

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹1000.00 excluding 18% GST

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A stellar career spanning over 3 decades has taught Dhananjay Moray that light, shade, and the drama it creates are the most important elements to master in the field of photography. In this lecture, he uses his vast experience to explain the intricacies of studio lighting and how it can be used to enhance your photos. The session covers crucial aspects of lighting, which include the types of lights, their placement, and different modifiers that can be used to change the quality of light. It also covers technical aspects like light principles, flash synchronisation and exposure calculation. On the creative front, the lecture explains how direction of light affects photographs, how different lighting patterns can be used to create great photographs, and what the ideal settings for studio photography should be.

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