Studio Lighting - Working with Flash cover

Studio Lighting - Working with Flash

Instructor: Dhananjay Moray

Language: Hindi

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An external flash, also referred to as a speedlight is an invaluable tool when adequate or appropriate natural light is absent. Dhananjay Moray, an industry veteran with over 3 decades of experience in People, Products, and Interior & Architectural photography explains the process of working with flash. This lecture covers how TTL or through-the-lens metering works, the sequence of events that occur when using a flash, elements of the flash exposure triangle, and how exposure compensation should be used. He also demonstrates various modifiers that can be used with speedlights, and some of its limitations. Concepts such as the benefits of using the aperture priority mode, 1st & 2nd curtain sync, as well as high speed sync are clarified in the course of this session.

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