Cinematography BootCamp

(Offline Course)

Duration : 01 Month (8 Hrs everyday / 5 Days a Week)

 Fees : ₹1,15,000 + GST | Seats : 10 Only

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Course Brief

This Advanced Cinematography BootCamp is designed for experienced Photographers & Videographers seeking to elevate their craft to new heights. The curriculum delves into sophisticated techniques, emerging technologies, and advanced storytelling methods within the realm of cinematography. Participants will undergo a comprehensive exploration of topics ranging from cutting-edge camera systems to nuanced lighting control, ultimately honing their ability to weave compelling narratives through visual mastery.

Course Highlights

Hands on training with RED, Canon Cinema Cameras & Sony Cinema Line Cameras.

Work with diverse set-ups and master advanced lighting techniques.

Explore advanced camera movement techniques using stabilization systems.

Bonus: Learn DaVinci Resolve with High-end Color Grading setup.

DaVinci Resolve

This Bootcamp is for you if you are a…

Photographer or Videographer looking to specialize in Cinematography. 

Experienced filmmakers and cinematographers seeking to elevate their craft to new heights.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course

Visual Language Mastery

Understand the intricate nuances of visual language and develop a keen sense of how visual elements contribute to storytelling. Analyze the psychological impact of different visual choices and learn to use them purposefully.

Advanced Lighting Control

Move beyond the basics of lighting to master advanced techniques. Experiment with diverse setups, color temperatures, and shadows to craft scenes that evoke specific emotions and enhance narrative depth.

Camera Systems Proficiency

Work with industry standard Digital Filming Cameras like the RED, Canon Cinema & Sony Cinema Line cameras. Explore all technical possibilities and learn working with the right tools for different storytelling needs and situations.

Creative Camera Movement

Explore advanced camera movement techniques using stabilization systems. Emphasize the importance of intentional framing and fluid motion to convey emotions and enhance narrative impact.

Innovative Storytelling Techniques

Analyze and implement complex storytelling techniques. Learn to integrate symbolism, metaphor, and subtext into cinematography, elevating the narrative impact of visual elements. 

Specialized Cinematography Skills

Develop proficiency in specialized areas such as slow-motion, time-lapse, aerial, and low-light cinematography. Explore the art of practical effects and in-camera tricks to add depth and creativity to your projects.

Collaboration in Post-Production

Understand the collaborative relationship between cinematographers and post-production teams. Learn effective communication strategies and gain insights into the impact of color grading and visual effects on the final product.

Exploration of Emerging Technologies

Stay at the forefront of cinematography by delving into the latest trends and technologies. This includes virtual production, advanced camera systems, and the integration of new tools into the filmmaking process.

Critical Analysis and Review

Develop a critical eye by analyzing iconic cinematic scenes. Understand the decision-making processes behind successful cinematography and apply these insights to your own work.

Project and Assessment

Apply acquired skills through cinematography projects, demonstrating proficiency in advanced techniques. Evaluation will focus on the practical application of knowledge and creative problem-solving within cinematography.

Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a Certification from the Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC), a recognized and valued credential in the film and media industry.

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