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Pixel Viilage Creator Academy


A state-of-the-art, Offline academy for Photography, Filmmaking & Digital Content Creation.

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Pixel Viilage Online


Online Photography Courses from
Beginners to Advanced.

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Welcome to Pixel Viilage

Online Photography Courses from Beginners to Advanced. The expertise of Pixel Viilage has joined hands to impart their knowledge in photography through live video feeds and connecting to those who crave to become experts by making them available through online sessions as well. The live streamed sessions and video feeds for aims in offering the possibility of you to learn photography, online at the comfort of your home. The online photography courses made available in this site as free sessions or webinars with minimal cost focuses on fundamentals as well as lessons on mobile photography, wedding photography, landscape photography and so on.

Radhakrishnan Chakyat, Founder - Pixel Viilage

Our Features

Eminent Mentors

Learn from mentors who are experts in their own fields.

Live Classes

Learn quicker and better through interactive methods.

Online Video Lectures

Learn the art of photography with simple, high-quality talks.

Interact with Peers

Have a 24*7 live chat with your peer group and mentors.


Now make it official by earning a professional certification.

Connect with Mentors

Have a question? Contact your mentors directly to improve.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay current and receive a notification each time the course content is updated.

Learn on the go

Learn at your leisure with our easy-to-navigate application.

Learning at Your Own Pace

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