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Pixel Viilage

Discover the Artist Within You

Radhakrishnan ChakyatFounder, Pixel Viilage

Pixel Viilage is the brainchild of Mr. Radhakrishnan Chakyat, a renowned photographer in his own right and might. His brilliance is noticeable in turning modest portrayal of home, lifestyle, celebrities, fashion, architecture and interiors, films and so on, into extraordinary piece of art. Through this initiative of Pixel Viilage, his singular goal is to spearhead in helping one to become the best in creating the best of what can be expressed through the lenses. However, an expensive equipment isn’t always the answer. Often, the costliest equipment or the best tutor may not be getable for everyone. The best part about this initiative is in learning to create extraordinary art with the minimum resources and ability that we can possibly attain.

Our top-notch mentors, all of whom are notable names in their area of expertise, have spent years in understanding the art; faced innumerable difficulties that are a part of any journey to excellence. And then realised that there could be an easy-peasy way that everyone can walk through. Imbibing the knowledge they have painstakingly acquired will help not only them but everyone, in keeping the craft intact for the generations to come. So here we are, to create a community which learns and grows together. Today’s learners are tomorrow’s gurus . Water the hidden seeds of visualising and creating this art in you and the plant of depicting all forms will bear the fruits for us and here we are to help you reap and sow this skill that is certain to be all-the-more progressive in the future generations to come.