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High-End Liquid Photography & Retouching for Advertising

High-End Liquid Photography & Retouching for Advertising

Course Level: Advance

Language: English

Instructor: Kunal Rajput

Duration: 1 hour 33 min


Validity Period: 365 days

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₹2500 including GST


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12 months validity

Things you will learn in this masterclass:

  • Understanding Ad brief - mood boards and sketches from the client to create the hero shot!
  • Detailed Lighting - How to create gradients, glow in bottle, refractions, and light each and every detail right in camera
  • Gear - cameras, lenses, lights, modifiers, diffusion rolls, mirrors, remotes, tripods and everything that I use to shoot liquids
  • Shooting Liquids - camera and flash settings to perfectly freeze the desired liquid splash
  • Product Styling - tools that I use for suspending bottles, styling oranges and pouring water with the desired stream
  • My photo shoot workflow - with detailed behind-the-scenes
  • Lighting Set - using flashes, diffusion panels, reflectors, grids, flags, mirrors, flex arms, booms etc.Remote Shutters - advantages of using remote shutters for shooting liquids
  • Remote Shutters - advantages of using remote shutters for shooting liquids
  • Compositing in Photoshop - combining multiple photos to create a highly detailed base layer
  • Cleaning in Photoshop - dust specks & smudges, fixing crooked edges, removing unwanted reflections etc.
  • Adjustment layers in Photoshop - selective contrast, colour, sharpness, defining different sections using curves

This master class is for you if:

  • You want to learn the commercial workflow of creating high-end liquid images for advertising!
  • You want to build a stunning liquid portfolio working from home or a small studio space using minimal equipment!
  • You want to improve your skill set and knowledge for high paying clients to trust you with their commercial campaigns!

Course Curriculum

About Mentor

Based in Spain, He works between Barcelona and New Delhi. He left his software job and a lucrative career opportunity back in 2010 to pursue his dream - PHOTOGRAPHY! Gradually making his way into the advertising industry, He collaborated with some of the biggest ad agencies to shoot both national and global commercial campaigns for world-class brands including the likes of - Ogilvy, Law & Kenneth Saatchi, HS Ad, Edelman, L’ORÉALGroup, Diageo, and Oriflame to name a few. His photos have been published in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and used for advertisements on hoardings, in retail spaces, digital platforms, and prime shopping malls across India and abroad. Combining over a decade of experience and his hard-earned knowledge, He launched his online tutorials and workshops in 2021, where he teaches how to create high-end product images for high-paying clients, working from home with minimal equipment! 

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