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Fine Art Photography Online Course

Instructor: Rafique Sayed

Language: English

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Fine Art photography is an art form like no other. Highly subjective, it is perhaps one of the most difficult genres to master. So who better to talk about it than Rafique Sayed, one of India’s most celebrated photographers? In this lecture, he shares his own, unique perspective about the subject. Rafique believes that the key to creating great images is to discover yourself, and break the shackles of conditioning that confine us. He says that developing a voice of your own is the key to creating memorable images that are a true expression of who you are.

Rafique encourages you build awareness, to observe, to be sensitive to the world around you, and to continuously keep discovering. He shares his own journey through a number of scintillating images that cover a wide range of subjects, and serve as a great inspiration for anyone interested in pursing this field.

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