Mobile Photography Online Course cover

Mobile Photography Online Course

Instructor: Ranjan Sharma

Language: Hindi

₹1000.00 excluding 18% GST

Available on website | android

It is said that the best camera is the one that you have with you. This is the biggest advantage of shooting with a mobile. And today’s mobile phones have exceedingly good cameras. All that is required is to understand their capabilities. This is exactly what Ranjan Sharma explains in this lecture. 

This session covers the many advantages mobile cameras have over DSLRs, the most important ones being portability and ease of use. Ranjan also demonstrates the various settings that can be used to take great shots, including white balance, manual focussing, and using panoramas for storytelling. He also explains techniques like light painting, HDR, night shots, and depth of field adjustments, along with the specific differences between popular mobile phone brands. 

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